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Michael Shane Neal

Go to our products and ordering page to Visit Michael Shane Neal's studio.  There you can see the full self portrait plus more wonderful works from this friendly and extremely talented artist.  Michael Shane Neal was instrumental in the development and design of Turtlewood Palettes.

Turtlewood Artist Palettes Made to Order


  For over 20 years, Turtlewood Palettes has offered top quality handcrafted wooden palettes made for discerning artists. Here at Turtlewood, we have come to understand what artists who paint for long hours are looking for in their palette. Each Turtlewood Pro Series Palette goes through a 52 step process as it is individually handcrafted by experienced wood artisan Michael Balsley in order to ensure that it is comfortable to hold, lightweight and easy to use. We quality check every palette before shipping to make sure that it meets our specifications. Our palettes are made of a high-end furniture grade imported wood that is supported by three layers of crisscrossing grain for durability and strength. We add a counterbalance to our Pro Series line, giving the artist the feeling of effortless control and comfort while using our palette. The added material around the artist’s hand greatly reduces stress and fatigue during use. Artists have commented that they can hold our palette for many hours, even with arthritic hands, and not experience discomfort. We look forward to helping you choose your perfect Turtlewood Palette.  




 Dawn Whitelaw is a wonderful person and gifted artist.  She dedicates her life to enriching those around her and those in the artist community.  Dawn Whitelaw has been a major supporter of the development of Turtlewood Palettes.  Please visit Dawn Whitelaw's studio by clicking below. 



  Expressing the full spectrum of nature’s beauty, John’s paintings reflect the twin strains of Impressionism and Classical Realism.  He has won many prestigious awards for his paintings.



 “When I see light falling against a woman’s face, shadows of lavender and blue cast by a rose bush in the garden, or a twinkle in the eye of an elderly man that gives insight into his youth of long ago, I am driven to interpret the world around me in paint. As a writer chronicles in words his view of the world, I want to express in paint my feelings and emotions. To do this, to develop the skills of my craft, I strive to challenge myself every day.” – Michael Shane Neal 




“As a Contemporary American Impressionist, what interests me is rarely any specific subject unto itself. Instead I see color harmony, rhythms, patterns, and strong shapes. Weaving in and out, the world at 60 mph, life in real view, this is how I paint. It is fascinating seeing this way. My art engages its viewers, like passers by who have to stop and move in more closely. The work invites them to find their own answers, like following clues to a mystery, and they can become an artist themselves, even if only for a brief time.”

— Lori Putnam 



 As an artist, she is deeply driven by both the juxtaposition of oil colors on canvas, and sculpture in clay, in order to achieve a similar end: the portrayal of the human condition within the world cultures around us. 



 His paintings are described as honest, peaceful, and emotional. Jason takes pride in the pureness of his craft, only painting from life and memory. "The process is as important to me as is the finished painting."  

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