Use and Care


Using Your New Palette

First, we would like to thank you for ordering a Turtlewood Palette!  We want you to be comfortable holding your new palette.  Please try this when holding our palette in your hand.  Relax your hand and rest the palette over your thumb while resting it on your side like holding a baby in your arms. This will take the stress out of your hand and make it so that you can hold your palette for long painting sessions. If you try to grip your palette tight with your hand (you will be working to hard).

Here are two different ways of using your new palette.  To the left or above is a Pro Series 3 palette which is great for workshops and classes.  Below is a Pro Series 1 palette that will give the artist ample amount of mixing room.


Using different types of mediums

Mediums that contain drying agents will tend to cause the paint to harden more quickly.  You may simply use a bit of the medium to lift the area that has dried and then wipe clean with a baby wipe.  Try to take care of these areas as soon as it is convenient.


Prep for painting

If you would like to maintain the palette's finish and make clean up easier, then we recommend that you apply a VERY THIN coat of linseed oil to the surface of your palette. This will create a thin film of oil between your paints and the palette. Be sure to wipe off any excess oil before applying your paints; otherwise, your paints will start to slide when you tilt your palette when it is in use.



Now that you have a really nice palette, you will want to take good care of it.  We use a water-based lacquer for our finish which is environmentally safe and durable.  We apply three coats of finish to give you a rock hard surface to work from.  You should not use products that contain water or alcohol because they will remove the finish of your palette. Any oil based products should be fine with Turtlewood Palettes.

Cleaning your palette

We have found that baby wipes work really well for removing paint that is still fresh on your palette.  If you end up going to another area of your painting, you can clean your palette while you're thinking of what colors to use. Just grab a wipe and clean off your mixing area and dry it with paper towel and you are set to go.  At the end of the day, use your paint knife to lift off your supply of paints and transfer them to a container for storage.  If it will be awhile between painting sessions, you can put your paints in the refrigerator or freezer to help them last longer.  Also, put a drop of oil in the paints that dry faster and the open time will be extended.  Remove any remaining paint that is still on the palette with a baby wipe and then paper towel dry.  If paint is left to dry on your palette and is hard to get off, then try these steps.  Carefully use your paint knife to scrape off the excess paint without damaging the surface of your palette.  Gently wipe the area with baby wipes until the remaining paint is removed.  If this doesn't work, use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on paper towel and spot treat the area.  Be careful not to lift the finish of the palette.  DO NOT USE Terpenoid Natural in a green can, denatured alcohol or clove oil; all will lift the finish off of your palette.  If you are using something that you are in question about on your palette, try it on the back of your palette first.


Keep your palette and art supplies in comfortable living conditions. Do not leave them in a hot car unattended or death of your palette and supplies may occur. 

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