Some Artists Thoughts

Danial Luilan Vijoi, Romania

"Just received the palette today. That looks phoenomenal!  Amazing craft....I can't even compare it with what I've seen on the market.  Simply the best!"

Colleen Griffin

"It's been a while since I received my palette and I couldn"t be happier with it. The lightweight quality and contoured grip has made painting for hours on end very enjoyable, I loveit !!"

Debby Bird

"I LOVE IT !!! It is so comfortable even though it is so much bigger then my other palette.  I love the wood color under my paints because I often tone my canvasse a similar color.  It is a true delight !"

Larry Mintz

"Just received.  It is awesome  !!  Super light and beautifully crafted  !

Thank You  !!"

Connie Nobbe

"My palette arrived safe and sound.  Looks Beautiful !!!!  It's almost a shame to squirt paint onto it, but I will definitely be doing so soon.  I can't get over how lightweight it is !!!  Thanks again!!"


"The palette is fabulous!! I am so happy with it !!  You have no idea!  So now I am as happy as an artist can be!  Thank you so much, both for the beautiful, immense and totally wonderful palette, and for getting it here so quickly. Thank you Michael - I have made so much progress since I started using the palette, it is wonderful !!"